1 Year of Living in Australia: My Unforgettable Memories

These days, I look at the image of of injured koala. And forests have burned down, the dark orange tinted sky filled with smoke from the bush-fires. I feel sad about the bush-fires and missing the good times in Australia. One year living in Sydney is enough for me to experience unforgettable memories in a beautiful country. I came to Australia in the autumn days of April 2013. The first day Australia welcomed me with the light rain and the chill wind of the early autumn. My dream of visiting the country of Kangaroos finally came true. At that time, I was very excited besides I felt strange and surprised when stepping out of Sydney airport.

Memories of Living in Australia

It has been 7 years but I still remember the memories of time living in Australia as if it happened yesterday. Remembering the first days in Sydney I had to struggle to catch the bus or train to go somewhere I wanted. That time I was still using the Motorrola V3i phone. So I wanted to go and get something then I had to open the laptop to search information and write it down before going out. After much deliberation, I bought Sony Xperia T for my first smartphone and registered the postpaid sim card with 3G data of TPG Telecom Company. This made my life in Australia was more convenient.

Part Time Jobs in Australia for Student

After 3 weeks in Australia I also found a part-time job at Sydney Food court near Wynyard station. It was a Vietnamese restaurant specializing in sandwiches, rice dishes, and noodles. Because I didn’t have any previous waitress experience so I just got paid $8 (AUD) per hour during work trial. I was really impressed and enjoyed the casual job as a waitstaff at the kiosk serving food and beverages in Sydney Olympic Park. It was not only the high paying job I got but also it was the opportunity I had been in the large football stadium to witness group of fans cheering for their team victory.

As a student visa, I had work permit up to 20 hours per week. The money I got from the part-time jobs that could afford to cover my cost of living in Australia. To save money, I shared a room with one or two friends. Normally it costed me around $110 – $120 per week for a shared room including Internet, electricity and water bills.

Life in Australia

1 year of living in Australia was not a long time. But it was a good time enough for me to have new experiences in the country with natural wonders and beautiful beaches. My life in Sydney was quite hectic; each day seemed to pass really quickly. There were times when I spent my day with hasty bites of sandwich so that I had time to catch the train to work or class. Sometimes my breakfast was only 1 glass of milk and then run in a hurry to the train station. If I missed my train, I must wait until 45 minutes to have the next one.

Living in Australia, it’s vital that everyone has taken the timetable seriously. So I had to get to work on time or earlier. When I first lived in Dundas near my school, it was only a 15 minute walk to the school. But it took me more than 1 hour to get to work including walking time and on train.

I often have a lunch around 12 noon when I live in Vietnam. But I gave up that habit when living in Australia. My lunch used to start about 2pm when it was the slowest time at the restaurant. It was a very funny time that I felt asleep on train as I was tired after work. Hence I missed my stop as well as my class too. That time my evening classes usually started from 6pm to 10pm. From then on, I set an alarm in case when I got on the train.

Beautiful Scenery and Cultural Diversity

It was quite challenge when I worked part-time while going to school full-time. But I really enjoyed my time living in Australia and I would recommend to anyone to be an international student here. I met many good friends from different countries in Sydney. We had plenty of good times together that we shared stories about the homeland where we were born and raised. And we did enjoy a lot of food from many different regions. Perhaps you will not be surprised when walking around Sydney. Most of the people you meet on the street are Asian; at most they are from China and Korea.

In fact, I like Australia because it is one of the most diverse, multi-ethnic, multiracial and multicultural Western nations. You will not find anywhere but rich experience where there are so many people to meet from different countries around the word. It would be true to say that I could see the whole world at the same time in Australia. And the special thing I really like Australia is the stunning natural wonders, colorful festivals and friendly locals.

Getting Around Sydney

At the weekends, I used to wander along the Darling Harbour, and head up The Rocks and the Sydney Opera House. I loved strolling there then get a café latte to enjoy the city’s bustling atmosphere. Sydney is blessed with some of the finest and most famous beaches in the world. So it was amazing to spend my leisure time at the beaches surrounded by white sand, turquoise water and insane waves. If you travel to Sydney, then do not forget to visit the 3 beaches that I would recommend are Bondi Beach, Manly Beach and Coogee Beach.

Definitely you couldn’t visit Australia without seeing kangaroo and koala. They are so cute that everyone wants to get up close and cuddle them. I really like koala that looks a bit like a cute little teddy. Koalas are so sweet with small eyes, a very large nose, and large ears rimmed with white fur. I still haven’t gotten a chance to approach koalas and give a big hug to them because every time I saw koala bears when they were sleeping in the tree branches.

A Great Hope That Australia’s Unique Landscape And Wildlife Will Bounce Back Very Soon. And I Will Be Back in Australia Someday

It’s so heartbreaking when I see the images of injured and starved koalas due to bushfire catastrophe in Australia that has lasted more than 4 months 🙁 One time I witnessed the Australia’s bushfire in the middle of a summer’s day. And the fire was extinguished a few hours later. If anyone has ever lived in Australia, then it is not surprised to see there is a bushfire somewhere. Because the weather is hot and dry during the summer so the forests catch on fire easily. But I have never seen any the worst wildfires like in Australia last time.

There is one more than month before autumn arrives in this country. I hope more rain showers in the late summer to bring some relief from fires and make cooler temperatures. I look forward to an intense revival of nature in Australia soon. And hope more donations around the world to Australia’s bushfire relief effort. Taking some actions, big or small, to help Australia recover from its devastating wildfires. In my eyes, Australia is always beautiful, friendly and it’s a great place to experience. Undoubtedly Australia is the country I want to visit as much as I can. I went back to Australia for the third time and promised my friends in Australia that I will come back again someday.

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