How To Make Vietnamese Iced Coffee

Every time I travel abroad, I often bring my friends and family gifts of Vietnamese traditional coffee phin filters and coffee packs. Some people have traveled to Vietnam and love the taste of iced coffee with sweetened condensed milk. During holiday, they said that they bought one or two coffee cups of Vietnamese iced coffee every day and enjoyed it a lot. And coffee is part of my daily morning routine, it’s a chance to start my day. I drink coffee every morning, without it, I probably couldn’t feel well. Especially during chemotherapy, I still didn’t forget to make a cup of coffee in the morning that gave me the motivation to fight off a long painful day. For me, no matter how many the different coffee drinks I have tried in every country I have traveled, then Vietnamese iced coffee is still the best one.

Making time:

4-6 minutes

Tools and ingredients:

Tools and materials to make Vietnamese iced coffee - MorningNhu

Tools and ingredients to make Vietnamese coffee. Photograph: Nhu Le

– Vietnamese coffee filter
– Small glass (Use for hot coffee)
– Tall glass (Use for iced coffee)
– Ground coffee powder
– Sweetened condensed milk
– Hot water

How to make Vietnamese coffee:

Steps to make a cup of milk coffee - MorningNhu

6 steps to make a cup of Vietnamese coffee. Photograph: Nhu Le

1. Put sweetened condensed milk at the bottom of the glass. Normally put 30 ml condensed milk in a cup for iced coffee, 20 ml condensed milk in a cup for hot coffee.
2. Wet the ground of coffee filter just a little bit with some hot water, then put it on the top of the glass.
3. Pour coffee powder about 20-25 grams into the cup of the filter, shake the filter to spread the coffee powder evenly.
4. Press the ground coffee down with the removable press gently. Do not compress too hard, because it causes the coffee will take forever to drip, or maybe clog the filter. If compress too soft, then the coffee will drip too fast that makes for a less flavorful coffee.
5. Pour about 30 ml of hot water into the filter and wait for 1 minute to bloom the coffee. Then pour 60 ml more of hot water into the filter.
6. Place the lid on the filter and wait for the coffee to slowly drip into the glass. Depending on the size of the filter, this should take 3-5 minutes to finish brewing.

Enjoy a glass of Vietnamese iced coffee:

– Remove the filter and stir well to mix in the condensed milk and taste to see if you need to add more.

– For an iced coffee, pour over a tall glass filled with ice and enjoy.

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