Enjoying The Good Time On The Beach

Life is about enjoying the good time in every single moment as it comes. You are free to go where you wish and to be what you are. Life is very short so love your life and enjoy your moments.

The beach is not always a place, sometimes it’s a feeling. Every time I stand before a beautiful beach I feel a peaceful joy. I love spending time to walk on the beach and watching the waves come and go. And definitely I don’t forget to photograph the beauty in everything around me. As you know, every picture tells a story so I like to capture the moment, keep memories and share something meaningful with you. Hope you enjoy my compilation about the good time on the beach as video below.


Enjoying The Good Time On The Beach

Enjoying The Good Time On The Beach. Photograph: Nhu Le


It’s a good day with calming beach waves. Photograph: Nhu Le


Awesome view of the beautiful sailing yacht along blue ocean waves. Photograph: Nhu Le

enjoy the good time with the beautiful sunrise

The beautiful sunrise begins a new day. Photograph: Nhu Le

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